One of a Kind Maserati MC12 on Sale in California

Exclusivity, by its very nature, has a potent drawing power. Whether it is price or availability that makes an object exclusive, the fact that it remains beyond our grasp can make us covetous. Many brands devote entire marketing campaigns to establish a reputation of being exclusive. Sometimes the company succeeds at doing so, and other times it does not.

This is one of those success stories.

Maserati produced a car that it designated the MC12. Only fifty of these superior performance cars were made – forty-nine of them are painted either blue or white. One of them, however, wears a chic Tuxedo Black.

Tuxedo Black Maserati MC12

Photo: Motor Authority

If you’re unfamiliar with a Maserati MC12, let us create an analogy for you…

Think of the person within your circle of friends that everyone admires or envies. Now imagine that he returned to college to earn his Ph.D at Oxford University, learned to fight from Chuck Norris, burned his unsightly mess from Men’s Warehouse in exchange for Versace brilliance, bulked up with the Governator Arnold, and was privy to the art of growing a salt-and-pepper beard from “the most interesting man in the world.”

That is essentially what Maserati did to a Ferrari Enzo, and the result is the MC12.

Once again, think of the envied or admired friend… Do you want to make him cry?

If you answered yes – and we know you did – the Tuxedo Black model of the Maserati MC12 is on sale in the showroom at Ferrari of Newport Beach in California. In a twist of irony, California is the only state in which the MC12 is not street legal. Go figure.

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