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You Can Turn Earth Day into Every Day

Oh, Earth Day. The single day of the year that people around the globe pledge to accomplish something positive for the planet on which we live. It wields influence. Politicians seeking greater support will clamor for more stringent emissions standards, and the President will likely fulfill a standard his predecessor’s set by planting a tree […]

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Leith Automotive Will Host Career Night in One Week

On Thursday, April 24th, 2014, you can begin a career with Leith Automotive. That’s right – a career. Many of our dealerships, representing 28 of the finest car manufacturers, seek experienced service technicians who desire more than just a job. You’ll enjoy a full range of benefits offered for full-time employees, and, more importantly, a […]

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Keep Your Maserati Pollen-Free This Spring

Though the wintry weather finally transitioned to mild breezes and sunshine, another nuisance arises to succeed dastardly road salts: pollen. This problematic consequence of springtime triggers more damage than most likely expect. The microbes of pollen are not only viscous and barbed, they are also acidic. These properties can ruin a vehicle’s paint, as well […]

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Tuxedo Black Maserati MC12

One of a Kind Maserati MC12 on Sale in California

Exclusivity, by its very nature, has a potent drawing power. Whether it is price or availability that makes an object exclusive, the fact that it remains beyond our grasp can make us covetous. Many brands devote entire marketing campaigns to establish a reputation of being exclusive. Sometimes the company succeeds at doing so, and other […]

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