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Gearbox and clutch cross-section.

This is How a Manual Transmission Works

Your car’s transmission is among its most vital elements. It connects the engine to the drivetrain and governs how much power you use from moment to moment. Yet for most people, it’s a complete mystery how it works. The prominence of automatic transmissions has lessened the need to understand how this magical box beneath our […]

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Top Gear does the Maserati MC12

You might remember a few weeks back, we highlighted the Maserati MC12, one of which is on display in Malaysia. We felt we didn’t do Ferrari’s version of a Maserati enough justice, though, and recent events have given us an excuse to share this video, a clip from Top Gear. Filmed several seasons back, it […]

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Maserati QP Sports New Technology at CES

The 2015 North American International Auto Show was not the only big industry event to feature Maserati last month. January is also time for the Consumer Electronics Show, where leading names in the tech industry put on the corporate version of a science fair. There, a Maserati Quattroporte GTS provided the basis for the QNX […]

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Get Chills to the Roar of the MC12 GT1

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is now a highly-anticipated yearly event in the United Kingdom. Based in West Sussex, England, on the estate of the Goodwood House, the FoS (as it is commonly abbreviated) hosts a hill climb that features historic motor racing vehicles. In addition to the cars and motorbikes that compete, the event […]

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