How to Destroy Your Car’s Value

Don’t Get Gas Until You’re On Empty Dirt and impurities settle in the bottom of your gas tank. If you drive until empty, your fuel pump has to work harder to dredge the tank, and your fuel filter has to work harder to strain these particles out. This can cause your pump and filter to […]

Investing for Technology Lovers: Our Fantasy Trade

Besides automotive, technology and investment are two of our chief interests. As Silicon Valley companies like Google, Apple, and Tesla take a closer look at cars, our favorite subjects converge in a mix that we figure is worth talking about. The point of this article is to talk about one notable technology company from an […]

When Did Car Companies Stop Making Cool Colors?

We don’t know. A quick Google search reveals that no one else knows either. The most common guesses are: People wonder if they’ll grow tired of a specialty color People think specialty colors will be harder to sell Apple doesn’t use specialty colors That last guess about Apple is so silly we were shocked to […]

Rolling Through a Stop Sign: How Bad Is That Really?

Especially if you have a stick-shift, coming to a complete stop is a bummer. Here’s the deal with where North Carolina is on rolling through stop signs: Still Illegal, So Don’t Do It A fine of $100 and three points on your traffic record will have you babbling to a police officer about how you […]

The 3 Best Raleigh Twitter Accounts in 2016

Twitter is probably the second biggest social network, and yet you don’t hear much about it. These days, photo network Instagram is popular, real-time network Periscope is avant-garde, adolescent network Snapchat is trying to entice corporate advertising, and Facebook is still laughing all the way to the bank. But perhaps you’ve decided to get into […]

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