Maserati Celebrates Tremendous First-Quarter Sales

If Maserati executives had any reservations about the direction of the company, the first-quarter reporting should put them at ease. In fact, it should make them downright giddy. In 2013, the total number of models sold by the Italian automaker reached 15,400 – a sales record in its century-long history. When you aim for excellence, however, a record is meant to be broken. Maserati hopes to hit 75,000 units sold for the year of 2018.

In order to hit such a goal, there has to be a campaign that clearly delineates benchmarks and objectives. The successful release of the 2014 Ghibli made for an ideal barometer to assess the attainability of the sales goals the company set. Since the advertisement released during this past Super Bowl, the Ghibli has received only accolades and cheers as the automotive industry got behind the wheel to experience the car.

As of the end of 2014’s first quarter, Maserati confirmed that deliveries have increased by 420% as compared to last year. That means more than 1,800 Trident-badged beauties have found new homes within the months of January to March. The company also released statistics for April, which show that deliveries increased by 333% for a total of 507 cars delivered during that month alone.

Maserati’s other objectives to reach its 2018 goal include the Levante, Alfieri Concept, and GranTurismo.

The Levante will reach showroom floors next year. It marks the first time that an SUV will wear the Trident in the company’s history. It will likely be placed on some version of a Jeep chassis, but it will still house classic Maserati features – engine power and luxury – that have made the brand so iconic.

Photo: Telegraph Maserati Alfieri Concept

Photo: Telegraph
Maserati Alfieri Concept

In 2016, we will get to relish the sights and sounds of the Alfieri. It was unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show and paraded around ever since – much to the chagrin of other automakers and much to the pleasure of consumers. The following year (2017), Maserati will release a convertible version of the Alfieri – once again to the chagrin of competitors. The hope is that the Alfieri will complete the lineup for the automaker, offering buyers a full range of options from sedan to SUV to sports car – and this model’s primary competition will be the Porsche 911.

2014 marks the end of production for the GranTurismo until 2018. As far as we are concerned, that’s perfect timing. The Ghibli will likely enjoy strong sales in the coming years, and if the Levante and Alfieri live up to the hype, then they, too, will become mainstays. This creates an ideal setup for the reintroduction of a (likely redesigned and updated) GranTurismo.

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