The Growth of the Maserati Brand

2014 has been an extremely busy year for the Maserati brand. The Italian automaker experienced an unparalleled revival, beginning with the release of its all-new Ghibli model. Since then, representatives of the company completed a global tour featuring its models, both current and historical, at various significant automotive events. This culminated in a three-day jubilee in Italy that embodied Maserati’s culture: luxury and exclusivity.

Maserati Ghibli S Q4

With the success of the entry-level Ghibli and its flagship Quattroporte, Maserati anticipates that it will sell more than 35,000 cars by the end of 2014; it also projects that, based upon current numbers, it will reach its 50,000 units sold target for 2015, which will be influenced by the launch of its first sports-utility vehicle, the Levante.

To give some perspective, Maserati sold 15,400 total vehicles in 2013.

Haral Wester, CEO of Maserati, told attendees of last month’s Paris Motor Show that the company was still on-track to launch the Levante SUV and will build a minimum of 25,000 units per year beginning in 2016. Wester also reiterated the importance of maintaining the exclusive nature of the brand by capping sales at 75,000, which is a level it hopes to reach in 2018.

Maserati GranTurismo MC

“We will not offer a product below the Ghibli; we will not compete on price as other people are doing. Volume is not the most important parameter for the business,” Wester explained.

The brand’s current lineup consists of its three primary models: the GranTurismo, the Quattroporte, and the entry-level Ghibli. A year after the Levante debuts, the company promises that it will officially start producing the Alfieri, a very athletic two-seater.

Maserati Quattroporte

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