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Investing for Technology Lovers: Our Fantasy Trade

Besides automotive, technology and investment are two of our chief interests. As Silicon Valley companies like Google, Apple, and Tesla take a closer look at cars, our favorite subjects converge in a mix that we figure is worth talking about. The point of this article is to talk about one notable technology company from an […]

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When Did Car Companies Stop Making Cool Colors?

We don’t know. A quick Google search reveals that no one else knows either. The most common guesses are: People wonder if they’ll grow tired of a specialty color People think specialty colors will be harder to sell Apple doesn’t use specialty colors That last guess about Apple is so silly we were shocked to […]

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The 3 Best Raleigh Twitter Accounts in 2016

Twitter is probably the second biggest social network, and yet you don’t hear much about it. These days, photo network Instagram is popular, real-time network Periscope is avant-garde, adolescent network Snapchat is trying to entice corporate advertising, and Facebook is still laughing all the way to the bank. But perhaps you’ve decided to get into […]

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