The Maserati Alfieri Is a Curved and Killer Concept Car

With few details released, Maserati continues throwing bits of chum in the water to keep the frenzy on high alert, waiting for the big piece that will throw the doors open to the Alfieri concept model. Since its efforts to go mainstream, including the release of the Ghibli, the Italian automaker also promised an entire line of new models that will appeal to a greater audience in a global market. Though it will certainly not abandon its sporting history, smaller engines and subdued architecture are expected for the brand to acquire mass appeal. Keep in mind that we are speaking about Maserati, after all, and anything smaller and subdued can perform at still unparalleled levels.

The Alfieri, although not close to becoming a production car, represents the design language for future models. Strong, yet subtle features on this concept coupe highlighted by the marquee Trident still evoke the sport and power of the Maserati brand.  Designers of the Alfieri found inspiration from the 1954 Maserati A6 GCS, but they vehemently express the originality of their new concept. It is not a matter of historical replication; it is an extension of the character that made the A6 GCS so popular.

One of the most important features of the Alfieri is its name. It, in essence, represents that patriarch of the family. Alfieri took over as “man of the house” when his father passed away, and Alfieri managed the home while also pursuing his love of speed. His balance afforded him to bring up his brothers without abandoning his participation in racing – whether behind the wheel or in the pit. So regardless of specifications, we can assume that the company will be judicious in its engineering, surely to embody the maturity and zeal of Alfieri Maserati.

Enjoy this brief video of the Maserati Alfieri concept car:

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