This Ridiculous Maserati Concept Has a Fitting Name: The Birdcage 75th

Pinin farina Maserati BIRDCAGE 75TH 4

The beauty of Maserati is that they understand sports cars. They just do. More than that, they get super cars, and believe us when we tell you that there is a difference.

The Maserati Birdcage 75th pictured above is a super car that was introduced in 2005, and it’s still making our heads spin. Just look at it! This is probably what it feels like to be shot by Cupid, questionable men’s wear dresser that he is.


At a time when the world was wondering where Maserati fit in with the Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches, the Birdcage 75 was the ultimate answer.

This is a custom super car made entirely of carbon fiber and glass. It has no doors, only a single, rising glass roof. It has a head-up display which projects all sorts of information onto the glass, which is pretty cool technology now and was astonishing 10 years ago.


It has a V12 engine, and if there’s one thing Maserati does better than anyone else in the business, it’s tuning engine noise. Imagine, if you will, a one-off custom V12 from Maserati singing like it’s about to lift off straight through the atmosphere and head out into space to find new galaxies.

Okay, that’s a little bombastic, but if you’ve heard a Maserati V6 or V8, you can imagine what this 12 sounds like.

The Birdcage 75th was made for Maserati by Pininfarina, a small Italian design company. As far ahead of its time as it was, it nailed the defining feature of cars in the future: connectivity.


Remember that in 2005, Facebook was barely even a thing. Yet this car was looking for ways to connect the driver with all sorts of information networks. As self-driving, social-media dominated cars become prevalent within the next 10 years, we’ll basically all be following in the Birdcage 75’s footsteps. And we can only hope to look as stylish.

Until then, come by and see us at Maserati Raleigh. We have the sports cars that feel like super cars.

2005 Maserati Birdcage 75th Pininfarina Concept; top car rating and specifications

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